Our projects in Ladakh

In Ladakh you will find government schools and many private schools, especially in and around Leh. The private schools are mostly much better than the government schools, though too expensive for the parents and too far away. The quality of the government schools is so poor, that students rarely pass the national exams and therefore do not have any possibility in studying a profession. Most of the government teachers have a lack of education and due to the school system, need to change the schoolhouse every two to three years.

This condition forces the parents to sign their children up for private schools, which are bording schools. They mostly have a kindergarten, which means that the children have to leave their families at a very young age. At the same time, the schools in the villages are imminent to shutting down, due to the lack of students. All these circumstances threaten the way of life of the families, the future perspectives for the children and last but not least the existence of the villages.

Our aims

-High quality of teachers: Our aim is to employ qualified Kindergartenteachers and to train them, so that, for the children, a good education is warranted.

-The children shall be well prepared before entering the government school through the possibility of visiting a Kindergarten/Preschool in their hometown.

A good co-operation with the government schools is essential.

-Personal responsibility: Action Ladakh relies on the initiative, the teamwork and the co-operative decisions of the Village Education Committees in the villages.

Our work

Action Ladakh supports the three schools Phey, Nimmo and Spituk with a curriculum, developed by Action Ladakh that is well adjusted to the local necessities

 -by sending qualified volunteers, we pass on "know-how" to the local teachers

-by initiating and/or organizing training days (workshops) that give information where the teachers need most

-by working together with the coordinators in Ladakh

-by giving advice for employing new teachers

-by supporting the schools financially