Action Ladakh is only financed by donations.

Donated money is fully used for the project in Ladakh. The team in Switzerland works at no charge. The administrative costs are held as low as possible.  The use of donated money concentrates on the following issues:

-Financial support for school buildings and their  maintenance

-Financial support for school material  and furnishing

-Contribution  to teacher salaries

-Salary of the secretary in Ladakh

-Financial support for teacher trainings

-Contribution to the host families of volunteers

-Public relation in Switzerland

-This way the donated money highly effects the project in Ladakh.


Until the projects Phey, Nimoo and Spituk can be self independent, they still will have to be monitored and the structures have to be improved.

From the beginning, Action Ladakh has involved the local people, not only financially but also in helping to build schoolhouses or help with other work concerning the schools improvement.  For example, the material used for building the houses  and a great part of the work is contributed by the village people.


The system of our three Kindergartens  supporting the government schools  has impressed  the  Indian government  as well as the parents and has won a model role in the country.  The number of students visiting the school in their home town has grown again.  Earlier, the students hardly ever passed the national tests. But now, a big part of the students can easily  move on to higher leading schools.

Our project is well accepted and respected by the public authorities.