Volunteer work

The most important quality to bring is a real interest in the Ladakhi way of life and its culture.

A great ability to adapt is very essential, because the everyday life, the hygiene and the food are not as we are used to. All volunteer work is free of charge, but we offer a legitimate preparation and an attendance during the time in Ladakh.

Job requirements

-Interest in working with adults and children

-Kindergarten or Teacher diploma and at least three years experience in teaching

-A great help would be an education or experience with adult education

-Creativity is asked, because material and  tools are often not available

-Flexibility is a necessity, because the situations are never as planned

-Basic knowledge in English

Personal requirements

-Sociable personality, with travelling experience, and able to cope with feelings of aloneness

-Pleasure in working independent

-Ability to work with locals

-Experience of life

-A good health is essential (Respiration and digestion will be more  stressed)

Work in Ladakh

The Ladakhi schools can not be compared with the Swiss.

The responsibilities of the volunteers are:

-To motivate the teachers, so that they will teach in a structured and well prepared manner

-Give ideas, how the learning matters can be thought in an interesting and vivid way.

-Give Ideas, how to use local material for teaching

-Standby the teachers and support their self-confidence

-Worship their work

-Volunteers shall be respected persons but on the same level

-Introduce new ideas step by step

-To be obliging

-Ask for teachers interests

-To be aware, that one volunteer is only a part of a big picture

Responsible person for all volunteers

Margrit Wälti

Alleestr. 9

CH-3550 Langnau